Filtered people

If we only stay within our thoughts and allow the mind to control us, then we will only see everyone through the filter that we have created for them.

When we look at another person, we have already labelled them, judged them, conceptualised them by our mind, so we actually do not see, feel or hear them, we just see our mind’s projection of them looking back at us.

Equally, it is likely that the other person is consumed by their thought and mind, so they do not hear, feel or see us either.

It’s likely that most of the human race spends its entire existence only seeing, feeling, hearing, sensing etc what its mind has created through its constant conceptualisation, judgement and labelling. Effectively, we live entirely within the realms of our own mind and its creations and not ever experiencing other people. When we talk to them, they might as not be there, as we only hear a mind-filtered and mind-altered version of them.

If we want to see, feel, sense, hear the real world and other people filter-free, as they truly are, then we must step away from the mind and allow our inner light to shine. Our light and the light of others can only be appreciated without the mind.

Labels should be for clothes

Often, once someone is labelled they become the label. There is little room for a person to change and they become treated for their ‘label’. There is always judgement and stigmas associated with the label. A chance for others to feel good that they aren’t in that category.

We are all unique human beings, and it is easy to tag us, far harder to accept our differences and be understanding and empathetic towards each other. It’s like sorting things into boxes, great for order and easy, but with people the complete opposite to what is needed, we aren’t just things to be separated by an arbitrary judgement of another human.

Labels on humans are far harder to remove once placed. Labels should be for clothes, not people.