Too many coats on the peg

When we are born we are given a name, an identity is born, and from that moment on, it is like a coat peg that we and others hang coats on. The coats are how we see or others see us, the role that we play and it is the start of our ego that we and others contribute to. Our identity is constantly being shaped and formed by the mind and the comments of others.

So begins the suffering that our mind and all its stories create for us within. It shapes all that we do.

We build up all these ‘Walter Mitty’ style characters that we are going to act out in our mind or in reality. In turn, these are all part of that mental angst that not being our true self creates.

The thing is all these coats on the peg weigh heavy on us and they hide our soul and true essence from the world. The weight becomes too much to bear sometimes.

Naming us is the start of creating the story of ‘Mary’ or ‘John’ or ‘Maria’ or ‘Philip’.

However, if we step away from the mind and its stories, if we stop seeing ourselves as the mind and its ego, if we no longer see ourselves as the name and its story, then the coats start to fall off the peg until our true self is revealed to the world. Our soul can shine, free from all the coats on the peg that hide it.

Abandon social media

What if we all abandoned our social media for, say, a day? Weird, eh? Especially as I will share this blog on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in about 5 minutes time!

Instead, we could actually talk to people face to face or pick up our smartphones and actually ring someone and speak to them in like a conversation type thing. That would be really weird, eh!

You know people do ‘dry’ January and don’t drink booze for a month in order to prove to themselves and the world that they aren’t addicted and don’t need alcohol to numb. Maybe we could have ‘drama-free’ Feb, ‘attention-seeking free’ March, ‘Twitterless’ April…and so on. We could go weeks without sharing a picture of our lunch. Maybe a step too far, now I’m being ridiculous.

The point is, as a reforming social media junkie, we just don’t need it as much as we think we do and there is a completely different real and amazing world occupied by wonderful human beings to be discovered. A place where we can have real and meaningful conversation, hugs, laughs, tears and so much more.

Abandon social media for a day, or a week or perhaps longer. Millions worldwide are. You can still read this blog directly, if you want.

Radical? Maybe. But just 10 years ago what did we all do with our hands?