Too many coats on the peg

When we are born we are given a name, an identity is born, and from that moment on, it is like a coat peg that we and others hang coats on. The coats are how we see or others see us, the role that we play and it is the start of our ego that we and others contribute to. Our identity is constantly being shaped and formed by the mind and the comments of others.

So begins the suffering that our mind and all its stories create for us within. It shapes all that we do.

We build up all these ‘Walter Mitty’ style characters that we are going to act out in our mind or in reality. In turn, these are all part of that mental angst that not being our true self creates.

The thing is all these coats on the peg weigh heavy on us and they hide our soul and true essence from the world. The weight becomes too much to bear sometimes.

Naming us is the start of creating the story of ‘Mary’ or ‘John’ or ‘Maria’ or ‘Philip’.

However, if we step away from the mind and its stories, if we stop seeing ourselves as the mind and its ego, if we no longer see ourselves as the name and its story, then the coats start to fall off the peg until our true self is revealed to the world. Our soul can shine, free from all the coats on the peg that hide it.

A different dimension

There are surface thoughts all the time like a babbling brook, but underneath them are larger, often darker, recurring controlling thoughts, that if we allow, they shape our entire life. They live in the deep recesses of our mind, like in a dark corner of a cave. We are unaware of them.

We can through consciousness and being in this moment become aware of our surface thoughts and if we witness them and do not energise them, they dissolve and drift away like clouds in the sky on a windy day. But these are manifested by the deeper thought patterns.

The deeper, darker, repetitive and controlling thought patterns are there all the time like white-noise playing constantly and we are not often aware of them because they are there all the time, but they control the surface thoughts and our reactions, emotions, all that happens. They become what we think is us or we become them actually.

When we become aware of them over time, through continued consciousness and our spiritual practices, then we can see them and once we can see we can start to just witness them too, we can stop subconsciously energising them. We can shine our light into the deep recesses of the mind. Once we can dissolve the deep thought patterns we can go deeper and deeper into our true essence, being and soul. We can experience a different dimension to life.

We can transcend the mind-controlled state that is the false you and me and connect with the real true being and the unmanifested that is there. We can reach complete inner-peace and we can just be. We start to be life instead of having a fantasy mind-created ‘living situation’ made up of thoughts of the past and future.