Beauty is an inside job

The world focuses on exterior beauty and we measure ourselves cruelly against others through the lenses of accepted standards of beauty in society.

Of course, within we suffer as we perceive that we are not beautiful. It is now so pervasive and corrosive in society that it has become as serious as life and death, that’s how powerful the collective mind is once we become attached to it. We become our thoughts.

Others are more beautiful and thus the untrue internal negative narratives and negative thoughts run repetitively leading to manifesting unfounded behaviours and unkindness inwardly to ourselves.

Truly beautiful people are those who have focused their energies on realising that we become beautiful on the inside and they manifest that beauty through their beliefs about what beauty really is. Those people then radiate that beauty and light on the exterior too. Not in a cosmetic or societal way but in a soulful and wonderful way. They are beautiful souls who realise that we are all truly the same within, equal and worthy in every way.

The external shaming and judgement of our ‘beauty’ can only make us suffer if we choose to align with the falsehood that beauty is an external thing. Visual external beauty is subjective and judgement based which are all created by the individual and collective minds. Thus they are all temporary, opinion-based whims that lack any soulful substance, yet we create our inner image based on such nonsense.

Shallow definitions of beauty accepted by the collective and individual minds and egos are a cause of suffering for us all. However, those who let go of those definitions and create beauty within first will spread that beauty in a non-judgemental and uplifting way to the world. The true beauty that is life is what we all have as an amazing gift that cannot ever be judged or evaluated.

When we stop looking in the mirror to see if we are worthy and beautiful and start to be kind, loving, compassionate, empathetic, understanding and patient with ourselves and simply be without evaluation of others, then we will feel our own beauty within. Becoming beautiful within ourselves through our beliefs and allowing our true essence to flourish manifests pure beauty inside and out without an agenda. We have detached ourselves from our ego and therefore we can become beautiful.

When we let go of the craving to be seen as beautiful by the minds of others and respect ourselves, honour our values, be true to ourselves, concentrate on the inside then we see ourselves as beautiful as a soul.

Beauty is an inside job. What if we started teaching to look within and create our beauty inside?

Condemning others

Our behaviour at any one moment in time is based on our level consciousness at that moment. It can’t be any other way. That’s the same for others.

That does not mean that our choices or others are always the choices we would make in a different moment. It does mean that we are good or bad, it is just what we are at that moment.

You could choose to lie but labelling someone a liar for a single choice is condemning them to be always bad, always lying and no room to ever change.

It does not mean either that it is an excuse to behave in an unkind way to others and once we are conscious of our bad choices then we can not keep doing something regardless of its consequences.

However, we all make choices that a later version of ourselves may not make and we may become more conscious. That doesn’t mean we can judge others for what we perceive to be wrong choices.

Let others be and accept them and equally, let ourselves be and accept what is now as what is.

Every new moment is a chance to change our behaviour to what we feel is the right choice for us now. We are not what we or others label us.

Yet we condemn others to a labelled set behaviours, judged by us, that they are stuck with and we expect them to be able be ‘better’. Yet we excuse our own poor choices.

We are all on our journey, we rarely know what is happening in the world of the people we so easily judge, and condemn forever, as that person.

We are not our choices and behaviours, we can change in an instance. We learn as we go along our path, the universe provides us all with challenges and lessons to learn from.

Allow others to face theirs and learn without writing them off. We are all just human souls on journeys of learning.