It will soon be over

Soon it will be over…the drama, the fear, the division, we’ll be free again, safe and no more to worry about and then what? This is what every human says throughout all ages and events as if there will be no more drama.

It will be replaced by something else. That’s how the story goes, the mind and its ego. There will always be the next drama if we choose it.

There is a different choice though, we can live free of fear, drama, and all that goes with it. We can choose to be more present, live more now, in this moment, and away from our thoughts. We can choose to be conscious, aware and at peace. We can choose not to label something ‘bad’ or make endless judgements about situations and people.

It is the mind that thrives on fear and drama, if there isn’t any, it will create it, similar to the collective mind. The collective mind is the sum of all the individual minds attached to it and one feeds the other in a constant cycle. The only way to break free is to disconnect from it, that’s the collective mind and our own.

We hold out so much hope for an end to something, believing it will bring us joy and happiness, however, if you are not joyful and happy now, then you will not be when something you perceive as bad ends.

It is all within us, it is all a choice. It seems hard and difficult, but that is the mind sabotaging us, all we need to focus on is just now, this moment, and not to over-complicate it with thoughts of sustaining it or whether or not you are doing it right.

Now, simplicity, peace.

Everyone as an equal

Shouting louder doesn’t make us right.

Having more money doesn’t make us more important.

What we wear isn’t of any relevance.

The expanse of our house isn’t a sign of significance.

The colour of our skin doesn’t make us superior or inferior.

Our gender doesn’t make us stronger or weaker.

Bigger or smaller is of no matter it’s just a measure of size.

There are 8 billion people and each of us are worthy and enough, neither superior nor inferior.

We are all just equal human souls no matter what and if we start with that then there is never a need to judge anyone. We can accept everyone as an equal.