Today, as I do most days, I visited our local bio-dynamic farm at Plaw Hatch.

I absolutely love the place and people who run it and today as always at this time of year they had their trailer full of beautiful squashes. I just love the shapes and the colours.

It is a reminder, as summer passes into autumn, that nature teaches us many things and the changing seasons and the pattern of life that goes with that is there to show us that things are born, they grow, they blossom and flourish, then they fade and eventually die.

Autumn is the phase where the once flourishing plant, flower, tree…starts to wither and to fade.

All things are temporary, so enjoy every moment and make all those amazing experiences that we can all make each and every moment. Don’t stay stuck in your thoughts and worries, just enjoy and buy some squashes to make some lovely autumn soup.


What seems to be permanent, isn’t.

Apart from this eternal present moment now, all things, events, people, whatever, are temporary. Nothing lasts. It might be there for just a second, a few minutes, a week, a year, several years but it will go.

When we are in a good place, it changes, and when we are in a bad space, it goes. Everything has to have the opposite in order for it to exist.

There always has to be balance in the universe and we can observe this every day in nature and the environment. So is the same for all human life and activity.

Everything passes and that’s why nothing really matters except to be present in this moment and be conscious and aware.

The Yin and Yang of life will always be and that’s why it’s best to just be and accept all that is as it is.