Floating by

Today I just got up and decided to go and sit by the sea, to be in the cold wind, to sit in the winter sun and to just watch the world go by…to be in the moment and at peace.

My soul and body were telling me for a while to take a break, to step away from the ‘package’ aka the mind and all its rambling repetitive daily thought patterns. But like most, I ignored it.

I feel completely re-energised from just being in nature and for feeling the cold elements. From just sitting and observing the moment, it reminded me that passing clouds and passing people are like thoughts they float by and that’s it. Everything passes unless we choose to cling on and attach things to it. Then through choice, we continue to suffer through our attachments.

Let life be, let it float by and go with it.

It all passes

It all passes…maybe in a week, a month, a year. The thing is, the thoughts and struggles we had yesterday often move on within a day or two.

There is no point focusing on what the mind will try to convince is important now, because the mind generates literally thousands and thousands of thoughts a day, most of them about the future, which hasn’t and doesn’t happen.

So relax, it all passes and sooner than we realise it does.