Autumn and cycle of life.

Tuesday was the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.

‘So what’ you might say. It’s just another day, another season.

As humans, we have become very disconnected with nature. We spend precious little of our focus on it.

Yet, nature can teach us so much. The beautiful stillness of nature can teach us silence, consciousness and being aware. The cycles of nature, like the seasons, show us that things are born, they grow, mature and die.

This is the cycle that teaches us everything is temporary. Yet, it renews too.

When we spend time in nature, our natural essence is awakened and if we allow it, it will flourish and grow.

Autumn is a new adventure, a change, where the leaves turn and the life withers.

Autumn is an amazing time of change and it can be for ourselves too. Each moment unfolds with fresh opportunity.

Enjoy the new season, remember the cycle of life, it happens to everything.

Our soul

Autumn by Philip Dodson

The night comes sooner
A chill on the air
The sense of change
The leaves are turning
Golden and red and brown

The flowers are dwindling
Hay is being harvested
The birds are heading off
The days grow shorter
The season is ending

Summer comes and it goes
Light fades to dark
Green leaves turn to brown
Life comes and goes
Autumn comes and then winter

It’s all temporary
Nothing lasts
Life becomes death
All except our soul
That is eternal like this moment
Now and our essence lasts forever