Many spend a lot of their lives searching for a better job, a better partner, a better house, a better this or that.

If we stopped searching for better or more and just lived now in this moment, focused on what we have and be truly grateful from our hearts for everything we have, we change from negative energies to positive energies. The transformation is life-changing.

If we focus on living and not searching, the universe brings all that we need.

Seeing without the mind

Seeing the world, for the first time, with total wonder and amazement. Seeing that brings complete joy and euphoria. That’s how a baby sees.

It does not label from the mind as it does not yet have the words for what it sees. We however, label everything we see and as the mind sees it we look at things within the noisy mind stream. We look and the labelling word is spoken by the mind and it’s thoughts blind the vision with its unconsciousness.

If we choose to, we can look without labelling, without thought, as a baby does. Then we truly see with our soul and we can enjoy the wonder and amazement of pure consciousness and sight untainted by the minds story.