Are you the next Colonel Sanders?

Colonel Sanders started his first restaurant at the age of 52 and now KFC is a global fast-food chain not saying to himself ‘I’m too old’.

Wangari Muta Maathai mobilised mainly women in Kenya to plant over 30 million trees and then the UN to organise the planting of 11 billion trees despite being from Africa and a woman, she didn’t use those as excuses in a totally white male dominated world.

Gutenberg invented a printing press for the mass production of books when less than 10 percent of the population could read…he didn’t wait for literacy rates in Medieval times to improve.

Karl Benz developed a car when there were no paved roads and it was illegal to drive in Germany…he could have said ‘there is no point, no one can drive’.

The list of examples of people who were not sabotaged by external factors could continue. They didn’t look for excuses, they didn’t wait for the right conditions, or blame lack of money, the weather, laws, their luck, or it being too hard.

There have been women and men throughout history who have not looked for reasons not to do something, but against the odds, they actively have looked for reasons to follow their passions and create. They were prepared for things to fail, to not work, they were willing to take the risk.

What excuses are we currently coming up with to stop us fulfilling our soul’s true desires? What risks will we take to fulfil our passions? We are on this rock once…don’t wait.

It’s called ‘love’

Our real true-life adventure can only begin when we are prepared to let go of fear and become our true self.

It requires us to let go of popular and fitting-in. It requires bravery and the courage to be vulnerable.

It needs us to recognise the mind created psychological fear, that prohibits our true soul and essence shining, and to be bold enough to, at this very moment now, step away from it and witness it. Witnessing it allows us to just let it be and it fades and goes without energising it.

Free from the choking disability that is psychological fear, we are then able to let go and just be our soul and essence. That is when we become our higher self, when we dare to create our dreams, when we are life, not a mind rattling on about what our life can’t or won’t be.

Life is now, free from thought and fear.

Come on, let’s all take the plunge into the amazing adventure that fearless life can be…it’s called love.