Leave worrying behind

No amount of caution, safety, protection, medication, worry, regulations, testing, hiding or precautions will change what will be. We can’t keep allowing our mind’s fears to make us want to run away from life.

That doesn’t mean we have to be stupidly reckless, well, unless you want to choose that for your own journey. After all, our life is our choice and we’re here just once in this current carnation.

If we stay present and away from our mind and its self-created psychological fears of ‘what might happen’, then there is little need for anything other that just enjoying life. Living is a risk, that’s what makes it amazing.

One day it ends for us all no matter what we do. Accept it, live always now and leave worrying behind.

Frightened of our own shadow

The most amazing thing about life is the mystery, the adventure, the leap into the unknown, what’s around the next corner, the freedom of exploring, the joy of the magical tense moment of not knowing what’s next…uncertainty, imperfection and the unknown bring the most amazing parts of life, bring exhilaration and the sense of really being alive now in this real moment.

Yet we have created culture that demands no risk, no uncertainty, safety, and certainty. It keeps us trapped in our fear-filled thoughts of impending doom and risk.

Is it any wonder that we are the most depressed, addicted and medicated humans to ever walk the planet.

The never ending search for zero risk and complete certainty is thrust upon us by the psychological fear of everything and anything, even our own shadow.