What is the most difficult question to answer?

The most difficult question to answer is one that we all seek to get the answer to in life. 

Will this work? Will it be successful? Will I……? Essentially, any question that involves anything beyond now.

The reason for that, is that ‘now’ exists, as the only time we know anything, as it is the only time we are alive and the only time we experience anything. When the future comes, it is now, always. But until it comes it is not real and therefore there can not be an answer. There is no future beyond our minds.

The lack of an answer is the challenge as it creates a psychological fear in us that we can not deal with. This leads to emotions such as worry, anxiety, apprehension, nervousness and so on, which in turn creates turbulence in the physical body and suffering in the mind.

The human mind thrives on black and white, it needs certainty and answers to save its poor little friend the ego from any risk to its existence.

We can not answer the question about the future and that is why it is the most difficult question and best left to never be asked.

A better question that we can answer and act on removing any fears is ‘What can I do now?’.

Safety is killing us

The human race has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years and it is only in the last 20-30 years, in fact, maybe the last 10 years that we have been obsessed with removing all risks and seeking a guarantee for every single thing in life. We want no risk, yet we are the most depressed, disconnected, egotistical, addicted and unconscious humans to ever walk this earth.

How did the human race survive without all these obsessive regulations, sanitisation of all things and fear of everything including our own shadow?

The thing is safety removes innovation, removes taking the plunge into the unknown, it teaches fear, it encourages avoidance, it harms connection. Safety is fear that paralyses and risk is a fear of the unknown that once conquered enables the magic of life. Without any risk the purpose of life is negated, there is no experimenting with what might work, there is no innovation, there is no excitement, no thrill and no advancement of the human race. Fear used in an innovative, creative and risk-taking way is the source of all experience and adventure in life, if used like this it is our guide to the beauty of the unknown. That’s the very reason to leap out of bed each day and truly be brave enough to show up and be the leading role in our own film. Safety stops us having the difficult conversations and saying what we truly feel from our soul…it’s safer to say nothing.

Difficult conversations take vulnerability and bravery to step into the unknown and that is killed by this constant fear of stepping into the ring and showing up as it is deemed risky. Avoiding life in order to be under the illusion that we are prolonging life is crazy. Hiding from life to live longer. All fear boils down to fear of death and this falsehood that is peddled to us that safety is good is creating even more fears. Fear is a money maker when it is a psychological fear of the unknown that is the future. But safety does not allow us to overcome fear it simply puts up a ‘shield’ that we believe we are safe behind. However, it creates inner suffering of not being free and denying ourselves the adventure of life. We end up creating even more fear. It becomes a vicious circle. Taking a risk releases fear and suffering.

If we are to continue to evolve as a human race and advance and overcome the challenges that we face we have to go to the edge of the circle, to the wilderness, we have to cross the divide of different opinions and step into the other bubble. We can not stay in the safe centre hoping that we will stay safe and it will all go away like an ostrich burying its head in the sand.

If we want inclusivity and diversity, if we want equality, if we want a better environment, if we want less poverty, more opportunity for all, no wars, more freedom, better healthcare, better education, and no judgment or racism, then we have to be brave enough to listen to others, to empathise, to step out of our comfort and safety zones, we have to be vulnerable. And that is a big fucking risk and one that we can only take if we stop seeking safety in everything in life. We have to stop kidding ourselves that safety is safe and that risky is unsafe. It is the other way round.

Take the risk because safety is killing us.