‘Together’ by Philip Dodson


We’re in it together
We can be kind together
We can love together
We can share together

We can help together
We can meditate together
We can walk together
We can understand together

We can be human together
We can be tolerant together
We can be positive together
We can believe in better together

Together we are one
Together we thrive
Together is easy
Together is love not fear

We are safe no matter what

We are all just balls of energy. All the physical matter is held together by it.

If someone switched off the electricity in the universe, everything would be a pile of dust.

We transmit vibrational frequency, we transmit our energies. As humans though we have lost touch with this. If you look at animals and nature you can see how they sense these things. We can regain our connection to this and transmit the right frequencies.

We just need to be conscious, we need to allow ourselves to be, we are all part of the same one energy, one life. When we realise this, we then know we are safe no matter what, we are inside indestructible energy that exists, like this moment and the universe, forever.

Then we can look at the temporary of our time-bound life situation and see it lightly, and know that it will pass in a blink and that nothing matters. It’s only our mind that wants us to take every thought seriously. They are nothing more than a temporary mental form.

Our ball of energy is eternal.