Pointing the finger

We are conditioned to blame others and to judge.

If we want change, we must realise that everything is our responsibility, as change is an inside job.

It is not about others and waiting for them, it is about being first and about being brave enough to get off the bus and be different. It is about being vulnerable enough to be the light, not the drama and fear. We have to be brave enough to not fit in and not worry about others.

When we spread our light instead of pointing the finger at others we create an example for others to perhaps be inspired by. Rather than energise and feed the collective darkness.

You and me

You are me and I am you.

Our true essence is the one life that is all the energy in the universe.

We are so much more than the flesh and blood.

When we are conscious and connected to all that is we become united and together as the collective consciousness.

Our mind thrives on separation and that’s how our ego drives our behaviour when we become unconscious in thought.

Be one with all that is.