Just be it

If you want love, just be love
If you want to be happy, just be happiness.
If you want a joyful life, be joy.
If you want kindness, just be kind.
If you seek empathy, just be empathy.
If you want….just be it.

Not busy searching always for something, just be.

We wait for everyone or everything else, be the thing you want, be the leader, be the change.

Accept what is and be you, just be.

Rising above

Within the circle lies compliance, following the crowd, not wanting to offend, perfectionism to avoid judgement, comfort that is uncomfortable, not speaking out, fear of being wrong, fear of almost everything outside the circle.

The only way to change anything is to rise above, to free ourselves from the circle, to actually be able to see the circle for what it is. We have to embrace the wilderness, we have to be brave enough to be different, we have to be prepared to leave the perceived safety of the circle.

We can not escape if we do not see we are within the circle.

Rise, lead, inspire, change and be free.