More light

The clocks have gone forward for summer time in the UK and many of us are still wondering how on earth we can remember how to change the clock on the cooker.

Every day in the Northern hemisphere it is going to be lighter for longer until the Summer Solstice and then the days shorten again.

Life can be like that if we allow it, light and darker days, depending on our mindset and reactions.

There is another choice, allow light to be there even when the days are dark. We all have a light inside us and a place of peace and calm that we can access by being present in the moment that is now and away from the dark thoughts that the mind can produce.

Stillness can be there no matter how light or dark your days are. Over time, more light comes every day whether it is summer or not.

A chink of light

It rains
It pours
Clouds come
The sky darkens
The thunder
The lightning
The storm comes
It feels it will never end
Another downpour…again
The rain comes more and more
Darkness, cold
And yet always there’s a break in the clouds
The sun weakly comes
Then finally the sky opens and the sun shines through
There is always a chink of light
Wait for it
Believe it will come
Hope wins