There is a solution to every present situation.

The challenge is that most people are too busy looking at who to blame, avoiding themselves being to blame, saving their ego and deny what is, hoping by miracle another outcome will appear. Of course, it can’t and won’t, but we’ll suffer denying what is.

When we accept that everything is what is, as it has already occurred, then we can use all our focus on now and any challenges that might have happened, we’ll solve.

It’s them

If we are moaning, complaining, criticising and judging others, remember it is ourselves who are suffering, we are the ones trapped by our ego and the story of ‘poor little’ me.

Others are never the challenge, it is our own internal soundtrack that torments us.

When we free ourselves from the story and become conscious and present, the torment subsidies and we no longer look to blame others. We accept what is, and have peace in this moment.