Just do more of what went right

In the blame, judgement and critical culture we obsess about what went wrong and whose fault it was.

Perhaps it would be better to look at only what went well or was a success and do more of that, and even better next time.

It’s a challenge to change our thinking to that as a good deal of people won’t know what to do when they have no one to blame, shame and judge.

It’s hot

It’s hot, it’s sunny and yes it gets humid.None of us can control that. It’s the weather not a reason to not do.

We can’t control the economy, Brexit, the price of cheese and so on. All things that will be there whatever.

There is nothing that we control other than ourselves. So the rest, let go, step away and focus on how we can make a difference.

We get sucked into blaming things that we simply cannot influence. If we just unlearn blame and be responsible enough to take charge of our own journey.

It’s hard, but it will be worth it and we’ll no longer need to hide behind blame.