Rising above

Within the circle lies compliance, following the crowd, not wanting to offend, perfectionism to avoid judgement, comfort that is uncomfortable, not speaking out, fear of being wrong, fear of almost everything outside the circle.

The only way to change anything is to rise above, to free ourselves from the circle, to actually be able to see the circle for what it is. We have to embrace the wilderness, we have to be brave enough to be different, we have to be prepared to leave the perceived safety of the circle.

We can not escape if we do not see we are within the circle.

Rise, lead, inspire, change and be free.

A safe place

We all could choose to create a safe place inside us.

A place where no words, no comments, no things can hurt us.

Where we choose to be truly us, where we can not be shamed, humiliated, taken advantage of. A place only for us and free from anything that can affect us.

It is the only true freedom that no one can take from us, a place that is truly ours and safe.

We have that ultimate freedom that we can choose how we react to any input. Our output, our action is completely our choice and no one else’s.

Once we have that safe place, we can then show our true self to the outside world without fear.