The road to a better world

The human race has nearly completely paralysed itself with psychological fear. The most powerful fear of all.

It’s because psychological fear is not real, it is a simple mental construct in our mind or in the collective mind made by a projection into the unreal realm that is the future and because it is not real we cannot deal with it. All we can do is suffer within. It is based on a fear of the unknown. It has catastrophic effects on our mental and naturally our physical health. It is ego driven and all about the story or stories in our head and how this or that will affect me.

We are all connected to this matrix of fear and the resulting harm to humanity is painfully obvious. Even before recent times, it has been increasing and increasing, to an almost hysterical point. The last 12-18 months is a simple reflection of the state of fear that most people live out their daily lives. We are reaching a tipping point and this is normal, balance will come.

Once the mind creates this fear, it feeds off it and creates more and more. As always, we create our own reality, so if we believe that everything and everyone is out to get us, then they are. Multiple this by billions of human souls and then you get the kind of collective fear that the current world is in. It feeds itself to the point we have almost become frightened of our own shadow. It is all related to the core fear of death.

If we understood that we do not have life, that we are actually life itself, then we would accept that ‘death’ does not really occur, our essence and energy will continue forever. Accepting that it is only our current temporary physical carnation that dies, and not the real us, allows inner peace to come. Recognising we are not our thoughts, the story, the ego, they are just a construct of our mind allows us to step away from the fear.

Like all things dark, the good news is, there has to be balance, the Yin and Yang of the universe, and the balance is that it will and is becoming lighter, more people are switching off the matrix of fear, more people are realising that consciousness and simply being is the route to inner peace. We are moving on from the egoic mind and its destructiveness. We will evolve to see the human mind as an absolutely amazing tool for wonderful creation for us to use and not become it or believe it is the real you or I.

We need to show compassion for all human souls no matter what and we have to be understanding of other people’s fears not judgemental or hateful, as that is just another fear based mind state.

The road to a better world is there, we just need individually to choose to walk it and not wait for others, or judge others on their path.

The dark hole within

The dark hole inside us all gets bigger and bigger when we allow our mind and its repetitive thought patterns to dominate us. It overshadows any lightness and dominates.

We are not our minds, yet most of us spend our so-called ‘waking hours’ trapped within the mind in an unconscious state, where we are barely aware of anything outside of our head. We can even be driving a car to work and then find our surprised that we’ve arrived and not even sure if we looked at the last junction. We do not see, hear or sense anything and if we do it is only through the filters of our mind and self-created image of ourselves and of others.

We are born full of light and energy, with as yet an undeveloped mind and ego. Gradually this develops, and we start to create the little story(ies) inside the head and it takes over. Thought dominates and we easily become them, especially as this is seen as ‘normal’.

The mind starts to have darker thoughts and this dampens the light of our soul and very essence. We end up with a ‘dark hole’ inside.

The only way to reverse this, and it can be done immediately, is to realise we are not our mind and its thoughts, we are the true essence that is our soul and when we start to detach ourselves from the thoughts, then the light starts to shine and we become conscious. It simply requires us to witness thought, become the observer rather than energise it. It is like watching clouds float past on a park bench.

It is something that takes time to get better at, but slowly but surely the light comes and the darkness subsides. We step away from the past and future and spend our life awake in this current moment. We stop thinking about our lives and we actually become life in the now that is the only time that our life actually unfolds. The rest is simply within our mind.

The change is a real challenge, it requires sacrifice and bravery to step away from our ego and just be, be our true selves. The reward is the fulfilment, joy and the light that fills our dark hole within.