When the paintwork gets a bit flakey or the wood becomes bare, or we feel the need for an uplift or a refresh, then we will happily invest in decorating the house and not only the money but the time too. In fact, we’ll spend money maintaining and upgrading our home. Why wouldn’t we? It is a big asset after all.

When the car breaks down, we’ll take it to the garage, but as well we’ll service the car, check the oil, check the tyre pressures, clean it and so on. We look after it. We’ll maintain it to ensure that it does not break down.

When we get a new sofa, we’ll stop eating pizza and chips on it, we may be even cover it to protect it, we’ll hover the fluff from it…we take care of it.

Essentially, any purchases of goods, we’ll look after them and maintain/upgrade them to even better versions without hesitation or thought. It seems to be the normal and sensible thing to do.

Why do we not apply this to ourselves?

Mentally, physically, spiritually how much do we take care of ourselves? Do we block a time, say once a week, or even better, daily, to do nothing other than to maintain us, to upgrade us, to become even better us? Is this a priority for us?

After all, we do not have any other asset remotely as important as ourselves, there is not a spare one in the cupboard if the current one fails. We have one us, worth some maintenance occasionally?

Growing an audience to last

It is dependent on the type of audience you want, of course.

We can all share fluffy cat pictures, follow others – simply with aim of getting them to follow back, we can do many other forms of manipulations and gimmicks to grab an extra follower, listener, reader…You can buy them too.

In the short-term, this might work.

Longer term, it won’t, as your audience will simply be lured away by a better offer. Equally, most of them will not give a shit about what you share.

If you want an audience that sticks around and cares about what you have to say, then be 100% authentic, say what you think and share stuff that others like you will find, love and share. Create stuff of value, create great content, create stuff that would be missed, create work of care.

In the short to medium term, that requires hard work, thought and patience. Longer term, it requires us to continue that, however, it works, as your audience will be made up of people who love what you do and that is the best reward for our persistence and care. They’ll stick around and tell others.

Otherwise, we can always post another food-related selfie and hope our audience doesn’t get bored.