At peace

At Peace

Permanently there forever
The clouds will stay
The darkness will never lift
The gloom is everywhere
Everyone is the same

Wait wait wait wait
There is a break
There is a crack
There is a shard of light
Wait I’m waking

Not from my slumber
Not from a deep sleep
Not from the night
I am waking
From my mind

My breath brings light
My soul brings joy
My essence is now
The universe brings change
Everything is temporary

Clouds are in my mind
Doom is within my thoughts
Darkness always turns to light
The gloom is my imagination
I am in this moment…at peace


‘Together’ by Philip Dodson


We’re in it together
We can be kind together
We can love together
We can share together

We can help together
We can meditate together
We can walk together
We can understand together

We can be human together
We can be tolerant together
We can be positive together
We can believe in better together

Together we are one
Together we thrive
Together is easy
Together is love not fear