6 years ago

6 years ago today, I decided to start blogging daily, inspired by the one and only Seth Godin, who’d been blogging daily for like 10 years and still does.

I’ve had moments when I thought ‘nah, can’t be bothered today’ and ‘why bother?’ and many other almost giving up situations.

However, I stuck at it. Why?

Simple, I love doing this every day.

The dilemma of the mind

Today, is day where I nearly said ‘don’t do your blog, you’re tired, it’s been a long day’ and then I thought ‘but it’s nearly 6 years in just 3 days time to complete 6 years of continuous daily blogging!’.

That is my ego…that is me saying ‘must keep going no matter what’. However, I make the rules for my life, so I could just say ‘it’s late and leave it for tomorrow, because I’m writing this for the art, the craft, saying something that matters, not to just tick a box’.

The internal dialogue of the mind will argue this forever, if I let it, or I could just accept I wrote today’s blog, move on.

Nothing matters…it’s only the mind that creates all these dilemmas and drama to worry about.