Alternative views

When we allow things to happen to us without offering any different viewpoint, then we are agreeing with it outwardly.

Accepting what is and surrendering to this moment doesn’t mean outwardly agreeing with everything and allowing others to behave in whatever way they choose.

Accepting inwardly allows inner peace no matter what, there is no denial of what has happened. However, it still gives us the opportunity, from a place of peace, to offer our view which can be different.

We have a world where increasingly there is just one voice and anyone who speaks against it is to be considered dangerous and a conspiracist.

Those who accept this outwardly risk a great deal. We need to have alternative views and we need to be able to question.


The challenge with any theory is, it is just that, a theory. Nothing more, nothing less…a thought.

It is all opinion and a mental construct of an individual’s mind, that is then adopted by the collective mind, if it resonates with their story.

The thing is people attach themselves completely to theories and then the ego leads them to defend them to the last, blindly ignoring or ridiculing any opposing theory. The craziness of the resistance to anything other than our view.

Theories, therefore, are neither good nor bad as they are just in the mind, they can not be a conspiracy or right, they are simply a different mental construct to perhaps ours.

Fear is the driving force behind the ridiculing of others, the fear of their views being wrong and therefore the fragile ego is wrong and exposed. Fear is the driving force of the mind.

Best to leave theories to the minds of others, let our essence shine and just be at peace with the wonder that is real life in this conscious moment, free from thought and its restriction on us.

After all, there are millions of theories and who knows or cares which one is right as it will not matter.