Who says we have to fit in?

Curiosity didn’t ‘kill the cat’, blind compliance will.

Ask why? If something doesn’t instinctively feel right, listen to your soul, trust that and explore. If the crowd are going one way, you could see what is in the opposite direction, it’s ok to think differently.

Think about more than one narrative, as there is more than one viewpoint without it being a conspiracy.

The collective mind and ego are capable of doing anything to preserve itself as are individuals. Action is unconscious and dominated by the mind and not flowing from the soul.

Fear is great but it is not real, it is a psychological fear of the future that enables the collective mind to control.

There is a motive behind all action, doesn’t mean it’s bad or good, it’s all subjective.

Just question, it may not change anything, but no harm in having a different view, after all, who says we have to fit in? It is all of the mind and we can, of course, choose to step away and accept what is and that allows us to question from a position of peace and see things without the corruption of a lens and judgement. The soul does not have an agenda other than love.

It’s not a conspiracy

A different view, that’s not a conspiracy or dangerous, it’s simply a different view.

Censorship comes from the mind and its ego, the fear of being wrong. The challenge with any form of censorship is that it is arbitrary and likely to change.

All views are temporary mind forms and there is no right or wrong, as that is all perspective.

Fearing another view is an insecurity about our own beliefs and perhaps there is something to hide.

Curiosity is essential and that might require having a different view and certainly requires at least asking a question.