Silence by Philip Dodson

‘Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining’ a phrase that aptly describes what is starting to happen in the world today.

More and more people are becoming aware of the many false things we are told by the people we have been conditioned to trust. Starting to see beyond the facade that is the system, the established order, the so-called ‘trustworthy’.

We have and are so caught up in our minds and our day-to-day routines, that we are unable to see the reality, we remain in our subconscious. If we do realise, then often we do not want to admit it for fear of standing out or also we do not like to admit that maybe we were wrong in what we thought. Again our egos stop us from being wrong and keep us defending a position that needs no defence.

We are being manipulated constantly, but it is hidden in plain sight, it is so everyday that it has become normal and accepted without any question. Over time, it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary and anyone who questions is seen as weird, dangerous, extremist or simply wrong.

A possible solution is to remain curious? Be brave enough to be different, to be ‘weird’.

The mind and the collective mind is full of deception.

Questions we don’t but could ask

Is faster better for us?

Is more efficient better for us?

Is more productive better for us?

Is bigger better for us?

Is more convenient better for us?

Is immediate better for us?

Is doing more better for us?

Is technology better for us?

Is being more connected better for us?

There is no right or wrong answer, but surely we could pause to ask these kinds of questions in the whirlwind that life has become.

And if they aren’t better for us, who are they better for and why?