It’s not a conspiracy

A different view, that’s not a conspiracy or dangerous, it’s simply a different view.

Censorship comes from the mind and its ego, the fear of being wrong. The challenge with any form of censorship is that it is arbitrary and likely to change.

All views are temporary mind forms and there is no right or wrong, as that is all perspective.

Fearing another view is an insecurity about our own beliefs and perhaps there is something to hide.

Curiosity is essential and that might require having a different view and certainly requires at least asking a question.

It isn’t what you have

It isn’t actually what you have, it is what people believe you have that seems to count.

Amazingly, as humans, we can be convinced of anything if it is put to us in a powerful and convincing way.

Con tricks have been going on since humans first discovered the power of myths. Now, with the tools available in our digital world it is a whole lot easier to ‘sucker’ people with any story you can convincingly concoct.

The people who do not fool for the con trick are those who are willing to question and be brave enough to stand away from the crowd.