Look up

I’m in Córdoba in Spain for a few days and touring around the city today I pushed myself to look up, rather than just at the pavement in front of me, which is often all I do. We are conditioned to not look outside of the very immediate surroundings, not just physically, but mentally too.

When you break the habit, as long as your careful with crossing roads, then you start to notice many things that most people will not. You will see amazing buildings, architecture, in big cities you’ll see a world that happens and many levels, you will see wildlife, nature, the sky and much more. You will get inspiration.

The same can be said in our mindsets too, learn to look up and break out of the narrow vision we can fall into.

It’s an amazing world and life beyond the end of our noses or just in front of us.

Don’t be bullied out of your opinions, your not a conspiracist

We seem to live now in a world where there is one acceptable opinion or view of something, often dictated by the media or the establishment.

It takes bravery to have a different view as you are often labelled a conspiracist or a threat or just plain weird.

But we need different opinions, whatever they are, as just accepting everything and only having one voice heard seems weird, conspiratorial and dangerous.

If you have a different view, don’t be bullied out of it.