Alternative views

When we allow things to happen to us without offering any different viewpoint, then we are agreeing with it outwardly.

Accepting what is and surrendering to this moment doesn’t mean outwardly agreeing with everything and allowing others to behave in whatever way they choose.

Accepting inwardly allows inner peace no matter what, there is no denial of what has happened. However, it still gives us the opportunity, from a place of peace, to offer our view which can be different.

We have a world where increasingly there is just one voice and anyone who speaks against it is to be considered dangerous and a conspiracist.

Those who accept this outwardly risk a great deal. We need to have alternative views and we need to be able to question.

It’s not a conspiracy

A different view, that’s not a conspiracy or dangerous, it’s simply a different view.

Censorship comes from the mind and its ego, the fear of being wrong. The challenge with any form of censorship is that it is arbitrary and likely to change.

All views are temporary mind forms and there is no right or wrong, as that is all perspective.

Fearing another view is an insecurity about our own beliefs and perhaps there is something to hide.

Curiosity is essential and that might require having a different view and certainly requires at least asking a question.