Always in our hands

Life is as easy or difficult as we choose it to be.

Once we realise that it is our reaction alone to what unfolds that creates our next moment, then we can choose to react in a way that doesn’t cause us suffering.

Of course, this is easy to practice when nothing is testing us and we are at peace.

However, it is all just a habit. We condition ourselves to react to others, it becomes like a repeating pattern, one reacts and then the other in a perpetual state of reactivity. This state causes us suffering.

We feel we have to react to another’s actions as the ego does not want us to appear as weak or to seen to be wrong, or lose. However, the more courageous thing to do is to be at peace no matter what. It is all about acceptance of what is and of others as they are.

Our only real life is always now in this moment and is defined by the choices we make now, react or not. When I talk about reaction, I mean the inner reaction and the thoughts and consequent emotions and chemicals in the body. Once we become more conscious and realise the situation is what it is, then we can act from a peace within, or not act, which is an option too.

It is all in our own hands, always.

Bad news

Our default reaction to any bad news is always to worst case scenario that will result and to what we could have done, or should have done, to avoid the bad news happening.

The future and the past is where the suffering is. The future is the psychological fear of our minds’s projections into the future, a thing that does not exist except for in our heads. Of course, the ego thrives on drama and is totally insecure, so it comes up with the worst-case scenarios. We can go from mild bad news to meltdown in a short space of time.

The past, of course, no longer exists, and it is an act of complete futility to even think that it can be undone. But it is a chance to start the victim role, poor me, or it was so and so, it’s their fault.

If we choose to accept that what is, is it, unchangeable, if we accept that it has happened and that what comes from it is unknown, then we can concentrate on now. The only time that we can act or think or do or ignore or whatever we choose to do or not do.

If our default reaction was ‘I accept what is’ then we are free of the suffering, we are not resisting or denying reality and from a place of inner calm we can deal with any challenge that occurs.

Most of our life nothing has actually happened, it is our fears of what might happen that create all the suffering.

Enjoy now, the problem-free moment that is always our real life. It does not mean that we do not take action, but what we do not do is suffer.