The next ‘big’ thing is what many spend their life waiting for…a wedding, a holiday, a promotion, a new car and so on. The mind and its ego waiting for the ‘important’ and opportunity to perhaps become superior for a moment, of course, the moment is short-lived.

The problem is the ‘big’ things only amount to about 0.1% or less of our life. So that means we spend 99.9% of our time waiting for the ‘big’ thing, waiting to be noticed, waiting to feel ‘special’ or ‘important’.

The little moments, as in this one right now are what we could choose to be aware of and enjoy, or instead, we can carry on projecting into the future in our unconscious mind-state and ignoring 99.9% of our lives.

Our life situation

Our life situation which consists of the past and the future are all in our heads, well our minds to be precise.

They do not exist in the real world because all that exists is this present moment.

We can only have situations that arise now, which we will either be able to deal with now or not.

Our life situation creates all our pain. Stay present and all the pain goes.