Blog writing

Second-guessing what others will want to hear from us as blog writers only leads to disappointment.

The stats don’t matter anyway, well unless you are blogging to make money from it, so trying to write things that others might want to read is a waste of time.

If you blog for the simple pleasure of sharing your worldview with others, and in my case actually the enjoyment of writing for myself, then it is best to just write what you’d like to read.

If others like it great, if they don’t well, that’s ok too.

Being genuinely yourself in all things is the answer, not just blog writing.

This is the world’s greatest blog post

It could be…or it might not be.

It is all a personal opinion. It will depend on your view.

Opinions are formed by our ego and they are temporary mental forms, that we attach to, and then they have to be defended at all costs, in many cases, quite literally by some crazy ego-maniacs.

This is the challenge with attachment, it becomes personal. We label everything as ‘my ‘x”. For example, once ‘the car’ becomes ‘my car’, rather than just ‘the car’ then it is an extension of ourselves and so if someone scratches it, it is felt like we’ve been scratched.

The same is true with opinions, once we attach to them and the ego is involved, then it is seen by the mind as a matter of life and death. The ego is fragile and to be wrong is a threat to its very existence.

It really does not matter whether or not this is the world’s greatest blog post or not, it does not matter if you like it or not. What matters to me is that I enjoy the doing, I enjoy writing this, in this moment and it brings me joy. If it brings something to others, well that is an added piece of joy for me.

Anything else is for other people’s minds and views and my view is simply that, a view that matters not.

This is a path that will lead to peace and no pressure or burden of expectation