Newton’s cradle

Drama and negativity energies themselves the same as peace and positivity do.

They are like the swinging balls on a Newton’s cradle, as one ball swings into the other they flow one way and the other, equal and opposite reactions.

However, we can step away from the collective drama by simply choosing to move away from it, as if we lift the last ball on the cradle up so we reduce its energy and it fades faster.

If we stay there and add the balls go backwards and forwards for longer just like the drama it becomes a bigger force.

Attract not repel

When we need something it is negative and draining on us and the person we need something from. Often we think we need someone or something else to make us happy. This place a pressure on us and others. Often this negative energy pushes others away from us and thus heightens our needs and thus the pressure builds more.

If we simply enjoy being with others but concentrate first on creating our own happiness. Being responsible solely for our joy and happiness changes everything and sends out positive energies and we attract not repel.