If we don’t do this…

Often, I have heard it and said it myself ‘if we don’t do ‘x’, then ‘y’ will happen’.

It is always negative and amazingly, we always seem to know the outcome before it’s happened!!

Instead, we could choose to focus on ‘if we do ‘b’, then ‘a’ might happen’.

It’s so much more positive and the excitement is not knowing the outcome – ‘might’ rather than ‘will’. You never know, the outcome could be better than we imagined.

Sometimes things turn out different

Philip Dodson blog

Before we start something, we have an expectation of how things will turn out.

We imagine in our mind what the outcome will be, we then think about how our life will be once that outcome has been achieved.

Often, though when you commence something, it turns out quite different to how we anticipated the outcome. Sometimes straight away, and sometimes it can take a while to vary.

The fact that things turn out differently is good, as more often than not, our expectations tend to be lower rather than higher. Equally, if things always turned out how we expected it would make life dull, and given our tendency to be less positive as a default, we would probably not start anything.

That is how many of us can end up in life. We are conditioned to fear the worst, we are almost taught this nonsense that ‘if you fear the worst, then anything will be a bonus’.

So maybe, we can learn to start off expecting the best, even if it turns out worse than we expected, there will always be learning and therefore it was always worth starting something.

Different is good, and whatever way things turn out, it is always worth starting something.