Switched off the noise

Noise…there is so much of it now, that it actually has no effect.

There are gazillions of tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram posts, articles, blogs, vlogs, newsletters, emails and so on.

We hope that if we make enough noise someone will notice and project us into the limelight. We want things to go viral, we want to have millions of followers, we want everyone to know about us. The reality is no one cares.

It’s actually better to be genuine, to be heard by those who matter and they are small in number and they are the ones who will love our story for what it is, not like us because we’ll like them back or follow for a follow back.

Noise is about manipulation and the ones who you are trying to reach that might be interested in what you have to say have switched off the noise. Don’t be noisy be genuine.

Stop the chase

The more we chase something the further it gets away from us.

If we accept what we have and let go strangely, the things that are meant for us come our way by their own accord.

The negativity of wanting what we do not have drains our positive energy and turns away. By contrast, the more we let go, the greater our positive energy grows and the more we attract.

Stop the chase and allow the flow of life to happen.