The flow of life

We are conditioned to be always trying to make things happen, engineer outcomes, set goals, hustle and so on.

Perhaps there is an alternative, just accept what is and go with the flow of life, do not resist things and be at peace within free from the fight.

Life will unfold and flow with magic when we let go of trying to make things happen.

The negative energy of all that effort to make things happen that we can not control. We are unable to stop the waves in the sea, but we can ride over them.

The flow of life is there for us all, get on and go for the ride, see where it takes us.

Hit and miss

Everything we do is a little hit and miss.

Sometimes we get it spot on and people get it and other times it isn’t as sweet. That’s life and we could to accept it instead of over-analyse it.

Once we accept that we will not please everyone all of the time, in fact, we only need to please those who really matter and that includes ourselves first, then life flows more peacefully.

The drain for many is the pursuit of trying to please.