Attraction not repellant

The more we learn to let go and go with the flow of life, the more the things that we worried about go away and the more of the things we thought we had to fight for, come to us.

What happens when we let go is we stop the resistance to what is, and we let go of the fight, all of which is negative. So we are constantly sending out negative energy to the world which when we let go, that energy turns to a positive energy being transmitted.

We start to attract rather than repel and it’s a choice we can make whenever we want.

Attract not repel

When we need something it is negative and draining on us and the person we need something from. Often we think we need someone or something else to make us happy. This place a pressure on us and others. Often this negative energy pushes others away from us and thus heightens our needs and thus the pressure builds more.

If we simply enjoy being with others but concentrate first on creating our own happiness. Being responsible solely for our joy and happiness changes everything and sends out positive energies and we attract not repel.