We are not our mind

If we look within, we realise that we have everything we need, all the wisdom, intuition and intelligence to exist as a human. If we listen to the mind, ours and the collective one, then the sabotage occurs.

We confuse information, with intelligence.

The mind can store endless amounts of information, and if it is occupied constantly with its repetitive thought patterns, then that is all the mind is. A box of information and a repeating story or stories.

However, the mind is the most amazing thing, it has like all the cells in our body, incredible intelligence, and if used as the totally incredible tool that it is, we manifest the most incredible things. The mind can take all of the creativity, intuition, knowledge and wisdom that exists in the ball of energy, that is the real you and me, and can enable us to manifest into reality in this current moment anything we want.

The challenge is, that the mind of others and the collective mind, condition each of us to believe we are our minds. It starts from the moment we are born, we are instantly plugged into the ‘matrix’ of the collective mind.

If we stopped the conditioning, the labelling, the mind, and thought and allowed each newborn to be, to exist as the essence, to be in the moment and to be conscious, allowing their wisdom and intuition, that we are all born with, to flourish, then we would realise the mind as it is, an amazing tool to enable us to manifest our wishes and creations. Instead, we associate with our thoughts, ego, stories and the mind controls the human. It dulls our true selves until we become mind and thought obsessed, we become the little me.

We are not our mind, it is just a tool that we choose to use.

The world needs your ideas to be created


We have a world full of billions of people, each person’s head is full of so many of ideas. The numbers are difficult to compute of how many ideas are being created every moment of every single day across the entire human race.

An idea is great, but it is a billion times better if it is shared. The act of sharing an idea is the act of creating something, as you have transferred it from just your head to others. By doing that alone you have created an opportunity perhaps just to inspire another person to act or to inspire yourself to act. Then who knows what gets created from that.

So many people have gone to their graves with all those ideas they never shared, never created, never gave us the other humans a chance to be inspired by, a chance to take action.

The world needs your ideas to be created, we all owe the human race our ideas.

Even if it only impacts just one person, it was worth it. That is what being human is about, sharing with others.