Death avoidance

We walk on this rock for a brief moment and yet we allow our own self-generated fears sabotage our enjoyment from creating experiences.

Our purpose isn’t to avoid death as that only causes us to avoid living our lives now.

That doesn’t mean we have to leap in front of a bus or jump off a cliff. But death avoidance causes life avoidance.

We are dead from the moment we’re born…acceptance of that enables us to free ourselves from fear.

We die inside before we die

The tragedy of death isn’t dying, it is a thing that comes to us all and is only the end of the physical carnation that our beautiful human soul is temporarily housed in. The ball of energy that is us and the same energy as everything in the entire universe continues forever.

The real tragedy of death is that while we are in this current carnation, that expires, we allow the thoughts of our mind to stop us from creating the experiences our soul truly wants while we are alive.

We die inside before we die.

We do not have a life, we are life and we can live it always right now.