Attract not repel

When we need something it is negative and draining on us and the person we need something from. Often we think we need someone or something else to make us happy. This place a pressure on us and others. Often this negative energy pushes others away from us and thus heightens our needs and thus the pressure builds more.

If we simply enjoy being with others but concentrate first on creating our own happiness. Being responsible solely for our joy and happiness changes everything and sends out positive energies and we attract not repel.


When we chase what we think that we need in life it only brings pain, stress and suffering.

If we are at peace and do not chase, when we are at peace and patient, then what we need finds us.

We transmit frequencies all the time and when we chase things, force things, manipulate things and try to engineer things, then it sends out a negative vibe, it repels rather than attracts.

When we are at peace, calm and we are just being, then the things that want us, is looking for us, is attracted to us…they will find us as we will be attracting them with our positive vibes.

Just let life unfold.