The universe

The universe works with you once you let go and accept what is.

Once you allow the flow of things to unfold in the moment, and remove the negativity of fighting the reality of what has already happened, then things come together without the need to keep trying to make it happen.

It is our resistance to what already is that causes the negative thought, the negative vibrations, the negative emotions and we become those thoughts, reactions and emotions. Then we wonder why things have not happened or turned out how you imagined.

Stop imagining a future, stop fighting what is and allow the flow of this moment. Let the universe work with you.

Of course, your mind will tell you this is all nonsense, but worth a try at least.


The vibes we send out is what we will attract.

Anger attracts other angry people. Hate attracts hate and so on.

Likewise, calmness and peacefulness will attract that.

The signals we transmit are what is happening inside us.

The more we stay away from our minds and egos, the more authentic we are. Our reactions are sensed by others. When we accept what is and remain calm and at peace, our reactions will be calm.

Our light shines when we are calm.