It takes patience

No matter how much we think we are something, the reality is we are not.

This works both ways, we can think that we are doing everything wrong or we can think that we are perfect. We are neither. We have a self-image that our minds create, we are not that image.

Patience is the key to it all when you are trying to expand and grow as a person, it takes a long while to unlearn the conditioning of a lifetime and the habits we have formed around it. It takes time to stop being the reaction, to stop the mindstream, to stay present.

If we stay in the moment, being patient with ourselves, even when things are challenging in our environment, then all of the mind chatter that brings us the suffering will dissolve.

Peace is always in the now, but be kind, it will come.

Our own journeys

The transition from habitually being stuck in our mind and thoughts, to being awake and conscious, is like any transition, it takes patience and being kind to ourselves.

It also takes being patient with others too.

If we think enlightenment and becoming awake makes us better, then we are still stuck in our minds and possessed by our egos.

Everyone is on their own journey and it is not our purpose to affect that journey or to judge it.

When we encounter others who are not awake, it is not our position to judge, criticise or try to alter that. Equally, if we enter other people’s drama and story, we only energise it.

All we can do is continue our own journey and try to be an example for others, try to bring our light. Stay away from our mind, be aware of our reactions to others and allow it to be and do not become it. Simply stay focused on the moment ourselves and not concern ourselves with others.

We are all equal, worthy and amazing human souls whatever our state of consciousness. Let others be.