Challenges or problems

The universe intends for us to have challenges that occur in the present moment, it is only once we engage our mind and ego that it then becomes a problem. When the mind takes a situation and projects it forward into the fantasy that is the future, then the pain comes as we can’t deal with something in the future.

Whatever arises now, we can either choose to take action or not, but we can only ever resolve a real-life situation now. We can’t deal with it in the past or the future as neither exist outside our mind.

If we had no present moment challenges we would never expand and grow and life would not provide us with the rich experiences that make life what it is.

When we enter our time-bound and mind based unconscious life situation, then, of course, problems dominate our repeating thought patterns and cause us mental and physical pain.

If we remain awake and in the moment we can only have challenges to deal with now and we do deal with them without fear, anxiety, worry, depression and many other damaging emotions.

A life of peace and calm is there for all of us, we just have to choose now and presence.

Let your feelings be

Whatever we feel is OK, it is what we feel, and when we resist it and deny it, the suffering comes.

It’s OK to be sad, for example, accept it, give it space within and then it will subside and eventually dissolve.

When we deny our feelings and resist, it causes many emotions and brings turmoil and suffering to us. It is then something that doesn’t go.

Let your feelings be, accept and enjoy inner peace.