Whatever you create, could be a painting, could be sailing, writing, singing, making something, working with numbers, words, speech, building, engineering, heart surgery and so on, essentially the difference between it being just job and creating your best possible art is your practices and commitment.

If we have a ritual, a daily routine, so that we are step-by-step slowly but surely mastering whatever we do, then it will become an art form, a work of love, a thing that others will seek.

Routines and rituals take the amazingly huge and daunting dreams down to small repetitive and hardly noticeable steps of dedication that if repeated will bring the amazing.

‘Doesn’t matter what they are, just have them’ as Seth Godin said when asked what his rituals were.

The final ingredient is the patience and dedication to commit to those rituals day after day for a lifetime of mastering the things that matter to us. That takes staying focused in this moment and concentrating deeply on the one thing and one thing only, deep work is needed.

Successful practices

There are instruction manuals for almost everything except for us, human beings. The reason for that is we weren’t made in a factory and we don’t run on software. We are each unique.

There is no right or wrong way to do things, it’s personal not mass produced.

If it’s working keep doing it. If not, then learn, modify and carry on until it gets even better.

We can, of course, get sucked into buying certainty and instant fixes from a guru, but they don’t work. We’ll just have paid to know what works for someone else and that someone else isn’t us.

Successful practices and habits are self-made for us and take time to develop. But what else are we going to be doing, if it isn’t learning and getting even better at life?