Give ourselves a break

Often we try too hard to be the perfect manager, the perfect partner, the perfect parent, the perfect citizen…

We sort ourselves from others based on judgements or comparisons. We strive to be better and not make any mistakes. We cut ourselves no slack.

We all need to relax a little, take life a little less seriously, laugh more, smile more, and most of all, be kind to ourselves. Realise that it is about the momentum of change or the overall behaviour, not a rigid unrelenting check on ourselves and how we measure up to the often unrealistic expectations we set on ourselves.

Let’s give us a break.

Reverting to old behaviours

Many times when we are going through the difficulty of changing we reach a pressure point, a moment or several moments of stress, and most often at that moment we default back to the old comfortable habits.

That’s OK, it is normal.

The important thing is not to worry about the lapses, it is to simply recognise they will happen and that we need to be compassionate without ourselves and be kind. Allow ourselves to be human and to slip now and again.

If not what will happen is that we beat ourselves up adding, even more, self-imposed pressure and we will revert completely to the old habits and many times give up on the change.

Change is difficult, being kind to ourselves is part of that so that change becomes easier in the future.

It is as ever a choice that we make inside our own heads, however, start with some kindness to ease the challenge of building new habits.