The pressure to do better

We are all capable at our own unique thing.

We are all doing well or at least at the level that we are at now and choose to be at.

Yes, we could all do even better, and who is to say that doing better matters?

It’s just a question of whether we want to or not.

If you are happy at your current level of doing something, then stay there and be happy.

If you want to be even better, we have to show up and do the work to get to the level we want.

However, there never is a right or wrong level to be at and we could choose to simply be happy where we are and ignore other people’s view of where we should be.

After all, it is all very subjective and often the levels we continually chase are set by others to ensure we comply and keep working to their ‘levels’ or ‘grades’.

There is so much more to life than constantly being dissatisfied with the level we are currently at.

Just do more of what went right

In the blame, judgement and critical culture we obsess about what went wrong and whose fault it was.

Perhaps it would be better to look at only what went well or was a success and do more of that, and even better next time.

It’s a challenge to change our thinking to that as a good deal of people won’t know what to do when they have no one to blame, shame and judge.