Self-worth is not derived from what you do or don’t do, what job you have or don’t have, the car on the drive or no car, the amount of money you have or don’t have, the possessions you own or don’t, what you look like, how many girlfriends/boyfriends you have had or anything in the past or future or now.

We are all born worthy and we will all die worthy, we are spiritual beings and our soul and energy are not defined by the world and what happens. It is only the mind and the collective mind that tricks us into the illusion that self-worth has to be earnt and can come or go based on our achievements, wealth, number of friends or any other societal measures created to be able to judge us and compare us with others.

If we know that we are worthy no matter what, life is joyful and peaceful in this moment.

Doing things for the self-image

How much of what we do on a day-to-day basis is actually of any real purpose or meaning for our lives?

Perhaps a lot of what we do is to be seen to be doing things for the sake of our self-image in front of others or own mind’s eye, our egos.

We are obsessed with proving to others our capabilities or achievements when we have actually have no need to prove anything to others or ourselves at all. It is for a fear of being not good enough or own self-worth.

If we stopped doing things for the sake of our egos and did things that are truly important and have meaning, then what would life be like? Perhaps, we would not need to be right all the time? Maybe we would have better relationships with others as there would be less competitiveness.

Our egos get in the way of life, we are all already worthy regardless of what we do.

It’s not what we think matters in the eyes of others or in our own mind’s eye, it is doing what really matters in our hearts regardless of what others may think.