Worth is unconditional

When we let go of measuring our worth in terms of what we own, what we earn, where we live, the friends we have, the job title on our business cards, what we have done, how big our house is, what we wear…the list goes on, then we realise that we do not have to measure our worth at all. We do not need to compare ourselves to anyone to see if we are worthy.

Worth is not conditional, like love, it comes from our soul and is totally unconditional. We are worthy from the moment we are born until the day of physical carnation expires… no matter what.

Worth is not open for debate and if we remind ourselves regularly enough that we are always worthy, then our life changes beyond belief. We manifest everything that happens in our lives and if we repeatedly tell ourselves that we are not worthy based on some spurious measurement concocted by our mind or society, then guess what? the world we create will be one where we lack worth and feel lesser, feel unloved and will not be creating our true selves.

The opposite is that we tell ourselves we are worthy and we manifest a life that is our true authentic self, we are then not restricted and we can feel totally at peace being our true essence, we can share our light without fear of shame.

Worthiness is one of the most important things to us and we can always have it if we choose.

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