I am increasingly becoming less knowledgeable

I know nothing.

I have for most of my life thought it was important to know everything and even if you didn’t really have the first fucking clue about something, pretend that you knew and have an opinion, based usually on our own prejudices or what others say, who also had no fucking clue either.

Groups of people have great debates on subjects whereby none of them has a fucking clue and they make what they think are the right decisions based on that.

The only thing we know is ourselves and the things that we actually experience and even then, when we are in our unconscious mind-obsessed state, we only see what our mind wants us to see. In this moment now is the only thing we really know, when we are awake and conscious, seeing the world without any evaluation.

We do not have to have an opinion, we do not have to know and it is better to listen than to know.

The more we listen, the more we understand.

Inner peace, joy and a conscious existence, just being our authentic soulful true essence, comes from the freedom of knowing nothing, not evaluating everything. Knowledge is a burden because what we think is knowledge is most often thought and opinion within our own heads or from the collective mind.

Knowledge creates this false righteousness, as we believe our knowledge to be the absolute truth that our egos will force us to defend at all costs.

The opposite where listening, understanding and not knowing everything creates connection, respect, freedom and the liberation from the pressure of having to know and having to defend that knowledge.

I am increasingly becoming less knowledgeable.

Better to be understood than right

When we respect and empathise with people who share a different viewpoint from us, we massively increase the opportunity for dialogue and discussion.

When we fear, judge and shame others for their views, we only create more division.

After all, opinions are just opinions, because we have them, it does not make them right or, in fact, wrong. They are neither, they are our set of temporary mental forms based on our level of consciousness and experiences at that moment in time.

Sadly, when we allow our ego to get attached to our viewpoint, then there is always the fight ‘to death’ approach to defend them at all costs. Then others will simply reflect that and no dialogue occurs only hatred.

When we are free from attachment, at peace within regarding differing views, then we can air ours without any need to be right. Strangely, others then mirror our light and let go of their attachment too. This is how human souls can communicate without fear and with love instead. It’s sharing our light and peaceful intention that creates a chance for discussion.

If we want to be heard we have to listen and understand others first and then let go of our need to be right. Better to be understood, than right.