The most fulfilling thing

Not fitting in is the bravest thing.

Sounds easy, we all think we are not part of the crowd.

But truly, when we deep down want to say something, to shout out and be different, how often do we agree to not offend, not cause a scene, to avoid the awkwardness, to quell the fear?

Being the true you is the hardest thing, yet it is the biggest joy, the greatest peace, the most fulfilling thing we can do as a human being, to always just be ourselves.

Somewhere better

The more we look for a better future the less we enjoy life. We become unhappy and discontented.

Future salvation is a trick of the ego and the mind, a way of stopping you from enjoying what you already have.

All that we need for a fulfiled and joyful life is with us when we are born and when we die, every single moment, we have all that we need.

When we stop looking to be somewhere better, suddenly what we have now becomes everything we need and we become grateful and appreciative. Anything else that comes is a bonus.