We are creators

All human beings are born creators, sadly we are taught and conditioned from an early age ‘don’t make a mess’ or ‘colour within the lines’, essentially take out the risk and do as you are told. Follow the programme.

It’s a repeating process because the children become the adults and the same de-risking process is continued generation after generation.

A question we can ask ourselves is ‘what did I create today?’. We don’t have to be creating huge amazing things, but a step by step daily process of small creations leads to an amazing creation.

Our sense of fulfilment can be satisfied by creating and rarely by simply doing the same tasks every day.

Hot, damn hot, followed by hot and sticky

Life like the weather is a conundrum. 

We spend all year wishing for summer, for hot weather and we spend big sums of money on flying off to hot places on our holidays. 

Yet a few days of heat and everyone is wanting it to be cooler. 

Often in life we wish for something and when it comes we don’t like or want something else. 

Being contrary is common. It comes from a habit and conditioning that gets us to seek and strive for what we don’t have. 

Contented people seek for less and that’s bad for consumption, compliance and business. 

Being happy with what we have removes the pressure for more and leads to contentment, meaning and joy. 

By the way the weather is the weather so just be happy.