Burden free

When we place expectation on ourselves and others, we place a burden and the greater the expectation, the greater the burden and the greater the disappointment for us when we or others do not meet the expected level.

Equally, when we do something with a motive attached, say we open the door solely to look good and then expect a ‘thank you’ only to be disappointed by not getting it. We do things with strings attached.

If we act from our soul, from our feelings, and we simply be, then we suffer no burden within or disappointment. We equally spare the burden for others too. If we set no expectation of ourselves and others, we are free.

Just doing what we feel without anything attached is the best way to enjoy a guilt, an expectation and a burden-free life.

The future’s bright

On a daily basis, we are conditioned to build expectations of the future, a better one.

If however, we focused on the present moment, now, and actually doing things now, instead of thinking about our futures, the future would be better.

It’s conscious focused action that enables us to grow and expand not endless thought about the future.