When we do something to gain attention from others, we take away the joy of doing and we place a burden on others. We are full of expectation, which, of course, leads to disappointment.

If we do simply for the joy of doing something there is no expectation, no disappointment and no burden.

Joy is pure and simple and we can all experience it now and whenever we choose.

We change the world

We place so much hope and emphasis on someone, something, an event, a new direction, whatever we latch onto in the exterior world, to change our life, expending huge amounts of energy building expectation, only to be disappointed. We do not look within ourselves to be responsible for our life.

Only we can change our life, as our life unfolds within us and that is what we and we alone control. We choose, we think, we act, we let go.

Expectation of others and other things only leads to disappointment and then suffering within.

We change the world from within ourselves.