And so this is Christmas

Another Christmas is upon us all.

What are our expectations on Christmas eve?

What are we hoping for?

Will it be a disappointment or a big surprise?

The thing is, if we are waiting for a special day to bring us joy and happiness, then we will always be disappointed. We create our own joy and happiness and it is not contained in a gift or from a feast.

Happiness comes from our soul and we can choose to have it whenever.]

The more we expect in life, the less we are happy.

Don’t wait for Christmas, be happy now.

Lack for nothing

Do not seek our fulfilment and joy from anything or anyone elsewhere it only leads to a feeling of lack and disappointment when it is not fulfilled as we expected.

Be joyful in the fact that we have, and will always have, all we ever need within to have a life, to be alive and to have joy.

Lack for nothing we have it all…we are alive right now.