Light will come

We do not hear
We do not see
We do not feel
We do not smell
We do not love
We do not just be

We listen to reply
We look to the future
We are within our heads
We are with our thoughts
We are in the dark
We are the story of me

We can hear
We can see
We can feel
We can smell
We can love
We can be

We are the light
We are one with all
We are love
We are joy
We are peace
We are awake

The light will rise
The light will shine
Our souls will overcome
Our spirits will shun
The darkness will fade
Light will come

Removing the varnish

When we sand down varnished wood, we reveal it’s true inner beauty, the raw wood, the natural essence. We see what really lies beneath.

The varnish is a chemical veneer, to cover and make it look ‘beautiful’ and protect it. It is artificial and for outward appearance.

If however, we want to enjoy the inner beauty and rawness of the wood, we can use oil to nourish. Of course, you’ll need to nourish the wood regularly, unlike the chemical veneer of the varnish, but the nourished wood will last and remain naturally beautiful. Nourishment versus covering for appearance.

If we want to unlearn our conditioning, remove the veneer that each and every one of us has had put on us, then we need to remove the ‘varnish’ and then nourish ourselves, our spirit, with air, water, earth, silence and food. Wisdom and beauty are within us all and are beneath the varnish and can only come out if regularly nourished by the right ‘oils’ instead of covered with a veneer.