Fix it or listen?

Listen and don’t try to fix others.

People aren’t broken, they just want to be understood and not told what you think. Sure offer a viewpoint if asked, but listen, as in really listen not just preparing what we will say next while they talk.

We each have our own unique journey.

Empathy instead of sympathy, listening instead of telling, and acceptance of others for what they are.

Yeah…you should do that

It’s easy to give advice, also known as telling others, we can all seem to know the answer for someone else or how they should do something.

Yet, interestingly, we struggle to apply that wisdom to ourselves or we choose to tell another one thing and not apply that to our own behaviour.

We need to take our ‘own medicine’ and not be so eager to be judging and advising others or telling them.

We need to steer our own ship not someone else’s.