Only learning

There are no good or bad people who we meet, whether it is for a few moments, a week, a month, years or a lifetime…they are just teachers.

There are no good or bad experiences…just learning.

Whatever happens, now, in our real conscious life is all part of our journey. There is nothing that can happen now that we are not equipped to deal with.

We are born with all the intelligence within our cells and wisdom within our soul to be able to exist in our human carnation and become the consciousness of the universe, which the universe needs in order to exist and experience itself.

Good or bad is a label of our unconscious mind and its endless repetitive thoughts, stories and its ego. This is where we suffer if we associate ourselves with it.

Good or bad do not exist in this moment, only in the mind’s projection of the past and the future.

There is only learning and the opportunity to start afresh every single moment.

The answer to every question

The answer to everything in our life can always be found in this moment now. If we are not conscious and awake, then we are unconsciously in our mind and its thoughts. That means we are focusing our energies on the memory of the past or a projection into the future, neither of them exist outside our mind, they are not real.

So whatever the question is, the answer is to be in this moment. Now is the only moment we can ever do, feel, or experience anything…everything else is in our mind, where there are no answers, only never ending thought and its resulting suffering within.

Joy and inner peace are contained in this moment and come from our soul not from the mind. We can only access true freedom, inner peace and real experiences now. Everything else is in the unconsciousness of the mind and does not matter unless we choose to be stuck in that state.